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Tomorrow I start my challenge. My 90 day challenge. My 90 day weight loss challenge.

Maybe you have heard of it? It’s all the rage right now. Body by vi 90 day challenge. Basically you replace two meals a day with their shakes. Sounds easy, right?

The shakes are PACKED with nutrition and low in calories. And from what I hear pretty tasty.

I need to lose about 70 pounds to reach my ideal weight. Which pretty much makes me FAT! I would love to blame it on baby weight, but my oldest is 14 and my youngest is 3 so I am pretty sure that excuse wont fly. I don’t really eat a large quantity of food, but what I do eat a lot of is JUNK. I am a chocoholic! I LOVE IT!

I am hoping to lose enough weight to go off some of my meds, and just feel better. Especially before our big trip to Disney in June.

I thought I would share it here for two reasons. One it will hopefully give me some accountability. Two maybe someone out there can benefit from my experience. Who doesn’t want to lose weight and feel better?

My journey begins tomorrow. I will keep you posted. In the mean time if you have any questions feel free to ask, and check out my website for more information.


I am not a tree hugger

Some people might get offended but, tree hugger I am not. I like modern-day conviences and honestly don’t really give much thought to the fingerprint I am leaving on the earth. I know its horrible, but its true.

However, I have recently became addicted to a site called Pinterest. Heard of it? I love it! So there are all kinds of cool ideas on there. From food, to crafts, to kids projects, and all kinds of make your own __________.

I have pinned DIY laundry soap, fabric softener, shower cleaner, mildew remover, general cleaner, shampoo, and even deodorant. Now a lot of people make all these products themselves because the ingredients are more natural and not full of toxins that we expose our homes, pets and children to. I have tried a few of these simply because I am curious, and I am all about saving money!

Lets talk about the fabric softener. Its crazy!! Did you know you can use vinegar as a fabric softener? Dont be alarmed once it goes through the rinse cycle you can’t smell the vinegar. However, I love for my clothes to smell fresh and clean after the laundry so when I saw this recipe for fabric softener I had to try it!!!

Basically you use vinegar and hair conditioner! Yep that’s it! I told you it was crazy!

Let me share with you first the basic recipe I found on Pinterest:

6 cups water
3 cups white vinegar
2 cups hair conditioner

Stir it all together. Do not shake it will foam!

I tried this first using Suave Ocean Breeze Family size conditioner. It took the whole bottle. It worked well. However it did not have enough scent for me. Sooooo I changed it a little.

I stopped at the Dollar Store to grab some conditioner, and I stumbled upon Suave Family Size COCONUT!! COCONUT! Who doesn’t like coconut? So I bought two bottles!!

So today I mixed up my new version of this recipe:

6 cups water
3 cups white vinegar
2 Bottles of Family Size Suave Coconut conditioner.

This time I warmed mine on the stove slightly and stirred with a whisk. My original batch didn’t seem to “mesh” well so I thought maybe cooking it lightly would help it all blend together. It worked!! You don’t really need to get it very hot.

Then let it cool and put it in whatever container you choose. I am using one of my old plastic fabric softener bottles.

I used some today and I really like it. My clothes smell clean, there is a faint coconut smell. But mostly just clean and fresh!

I didn’t take pictures. Next time I will.

Let me know if you try this and if it works for you!!