If you know me IRL I am sure you have probably heard this story a dozen times. However, Noah just had his yearly checkup with the cardiologist and I feel compelled to share again.

GOD is still performing miracles people!! I have witnessed it with my own eyes.

See this sweet little boy

He is a miracle.

When he was born they weren’t sure if he would make it.He was taken by emergency C-section at a MONTH early. At a MONTH early he weighed EIGHT pounds.

Thats right EIGHT pounds.

He was flown to children’s of Pittsburgh just a few hours after he was born. They did his first heart catheterization within 24 hours.

Here are some pictures of what I saw FOUR days after he was born when I was finally allowed to travel.

It was very hard seeing my sweet little baby hooked up to all those contraptions, not being able to hold him. Not only was he born with a heart condition in which his pulmonary valve wasnt opening , but he also got neonatal Myasthenia.

That is a condition where the babies will have the symptoms of MG untill the mothers antibodies get out of their system, so he was having trouble breathing on his own and was on a vent for several weeks. I honestly believe his neonatal MG was exacerbated because they had to give him three doses of a paralytic agent to keep him calm so his heart wouldn’t go crazy. Paralytic’s are a big NO NO for MG.

I would like to say Childrens of Pittsburg is a wonderful place. While I hope no one ever needs it I would highly recommend them if you do. We spent several weeks in the CICU…

Getting better! His brothers got to hold him finally!

After about six weeks we finally got to bring him home. However, our journey was not over. We had to follow-up with a cardiologist here and had monthly appointments and echocardiogram. After several months it was decided that he need another heart cath to try to balloon that valve open.

So we made another trip to Pittsburgh.

The procedure was fairly uncomplicated. I was allowed to go into the operating room with him until he fell asleep. We were home the next day.

This “repair” lasted a few months and they decided we needed to go ahead and do the open heart surgery. We were told by the surgeon that the damage was so bad that they may not be able to save the valve. He told us not to worry because you can live without a pulmonary valve.

The snowboarder Shawn White doesn’t have a pulmonary valve did you know that?

Here I am getting ready to go into the operating room with him. Aren’t I pretty lol.

The surgery lasted about four hours. It went extremely well compared to what they were expecting. They were able to repair the valve and when they got in there they found that his artery also had a tear in it but had already repaired itself!

Let me make sure you got that…IT HAD REPAIRED ITSELF!!!

Lets think about that for a second..that tear in itself could have killed my sweet baby. HE WAS HEALED!!

He came right off the vent and bypass machine.

The following pictures might be hard for some to look at but I want to share them because it is truly amazing. The very NEXT day after open heart surgery he was up!! As soon as the chest tube came out he was walking around!! We were home after four days.

Right after surgery in the CICU. That lady practically sitting on hubbys lap is one of the wonderful nurses we had.

Look how happy he is!

Right now he is a healthy, happy, rough and tumble boy. He may face a valve replacement in his adult years, but for now everything is good.

I know some of my friends don’t believe in God and miracles, but I know he is working in my sweet Noahs life.

Lots of people might say well why would your God let this happen in the first place. You know what? I wondered that myself for a long time.

I am just now starting to get it. He never promised us we wouldn’t face trails and hardships in our life. He only promised to be there when we did!

He will hold us and guide us if we will only let him.

What happened to Noah is probably the scariest thing I have ever been through in my life. However, I had a peace because I knew God was with him and no matter what happened we would all be ok.

Miracles happen everyday! God is still moving we just have to let him!!


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